Adult Coaching 2019

Cheam LTC is a friendly and sociable club that aims to provide tennis at every level and for players of all ages. Our aim:  Simply to make it possible for anyone who wants to play and enjoy tennis.

“Our philosophy is to provide quality coaching to all our students and that is certainly no different when it comes to teaching adults”

Individual Lessons

We offer individual lessons for players looking to improve specific technical stroke production and tactical awareness. Please contact a coach if you wish to book individual lessons.

Head Coach – Amit: £40/hour, discounts for block lessons. 07947408901

Assistant Coach – Ash: £27/hour, discounts for block lessons. 07938907197 or email

Adult Coaching Groups 

We are running sessions for all levels of ability, ranging from beginner level to team training sessions. We are happy to provide something tailored to your needs.  We also offer daytime tennis which includes cardio tennis which is a fun, dynamic way of getting fit whilst playing tennis. 

Adult Coaching Timetable – Summer 2019

Cheam Tennis Adult Coaching

Advanced Team Training –  Players that are representing the Cheam LTC teams are invited to a weekly training session. The emphasis is very much on match play tactics for competent players.

Intermediates/Beginners – For players looking to improve their tennis. A variety of technical and tactical coaching, involving game based learning to reinforce technique, introduce basic tactics and strong scoring systems.

Adult group coaching times are given in the table below:

 Monday  7.30-9.00pm Team B Training
 Tuesday  9.00-10.00am Intermediates, 8.00-9.30pm Team A Training
 Thursday  7.30-8.30pm Improvers & Intermediates
 Friday  12.30-1.30pm Intermediates

Please inquire if you wish to join one of these classes.

To participate in any coaching sessions you will need to be a member of Cheam LTC. A Coaching Only Membership is available for only £65 per year. Please visit or email

My Coaching Team

Ash Horsman (LTA Level 3) is another member of my team who helps me with the holiday camp sessions and with my marketing/website. He is currently in our member of our 1st team.

Luka Pudar (LTA Level 3) has been a great assistant to me over these last few years. He is a regular Coach in my evening sessions and is very well liked amongst our members.

Dominic Sandy (LTA Level 2) is another great addition to my team and is a member of our 1st team. He is around during much of the holiday and Summer periods as he is at Durham University. He is available for hitting sessions during this time.

I have coached all these young men for a number of years, so they are fully aware of my coaching methods. They all play to a high standard and share the same passion for the sport as I do.