Junior Coaching

Junior classes at Cheam LTC are open to kids aged between 3 and 18. Our specially trained coaches will ensure each and every kid has a great tennis experience within an inclusive environment. Whatever age or standard, we will have a group for your child.

At Ace Coaching, we believe in our methods of quality over volume, and as a result, we endeavour to have a maximum of four players per coach in each hourly class. Whether you’re a beginner, an expert, or somewhere in between, they believe in making it possible for anyone to enjoy tennis! 

What you can expect?

  • Top-class tennis lessons from one of Cheam LTC’s fantastic coaches
  • ABCs development (Agility, Balance, and Co-ordination)
  • Learn to Rally, Serve and Score
  • End of term report to track your child’s progress
  • Competition and Matchplay Opportunities

We also offer academy squad sessions for players who are serious about their tennis and play at least two or three times per week.

Mini Tennis & Junior Coaching term-time classes are run after school on weekdays from 3:30 pm, and also on Saturday mornings from 9 am. Please contact the Head Coach to arrange a free trial lesson for your child.

Junior Class Timetable at Cheam LTC:

Junior Sections

To offer your child the best possible tennis experience, we will place your child into one of the following sections:

Blue Stage – Ages 3-5. A fun introduction to tennis through games and exercises designed to finesse their fine motor skills like balance, agility and coordination. All equipment and rackets will be provided. Opportunity for parents to come on court and get involved. 

Red Stage – Ages 6-8. Red Tennis is played on a smaller court (11m x 5.5m), with a mini tennis net and rackets sized 19-23 inches. Learn to Rally, Serve, and Score. Players are split into Red Starter, Red Improver & Red Academy. We also offer competition and matchplay opportunities.

Orange Stage – Ages 8-9. Orange Tennis is played on a court that is slightly narrower and shorter than a full size court (18m x 6.5m). Continue to develop your game, improving technique and learning basic tactics. Players are split into Orange Starter, Orange Improver & Orange Academy. We also offer competition and matchplay opportunities.

Green Stage – Age 10-12. Green Tennis is played on a full-size court with racket sizes ranging from 26 inches to full-sized 27 inch rackets. Put your skills to the test! Players are split into Green Starter, Green Improver & Green Academy. We also offer competition and matchplay opportunities.

Teens Tennis – Age 12-18. At this age, children move onto the normal yellow ball playing on a full-size court with full-size rackets. Learn tennis in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Sessions are split into Yellow Ball Starter and Yellow Ball Improver. 

Please email tennisamit@gmail.com if you have any questions about our programme or would like to have a free trial lesson.


We also offer individual lessons for junior players looking to improve specific technical stroke production and tactical awareness. Please contact a coach if you wish to book individual lessons.

Head Coach – Amit: £40/hour, discounts for block lessons. 07947408901

Assistant Coach – Ash: £30/hour, discounts for block lessons. 07938907197 or email ashleyhorsman@gmail.com