Junior Lessons

We offer a range of coaching for all levels of ability starting at 4 years old and continuing to team players at 18 years old. Whatever age or standard, we will have a group for your child.

Junior Coaching Sections

Tiny Tots – Ages 4-5. An introduction to tennis through fun games and exercises designed to develop co-ordination and athletic ability. All equipment and rackets will be provided. Parents are required to accompany their child on court at the beginning.

Mini Red – Ages 5-8. Mini tennis red is played on a smaller court (11m x 5.5m), with a mini tennis net and rackets sized 19-23 inches. The balls are bigger, softer and slower enabling the children to be able to rally and develop correct technique.

Mini Orange – Ages 8-9. Mini tennis Orange is played on a court that is slightly narrower and shorter than a full size court (18m x 6.5m). The net is wound down to 80cm and rackets sized 23-25 inches. The balls are the same size as yellow balls, but are softer and slower.

Mini Green – Age 10-11. Mini tennis Green is played on a full size court with racket sizes ranging from 26 inches to full sized 27 inch rackets. The balls are slightly softer and lighter than a yellow ball.

U16 Yellow Ball – Age 11-16. At this age children move onto the normal yellow ball playing on a full size court with full size rackets.

Junior Academy Squads (Invitation) – These are sessions for players that have been invited by the team of coaches.

Please inquire if you wish to create your own private group lesson.

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